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Our Story


Our Start

Getting our start in 2016, the BWHS Print Service was created with a mission to provide high-quality education to Big Walnut students so they could learn about the process of running a small business, managing finances, designing/editing art & providing you with first-class work.


Our beginnings are simple and humble.

What We Offer

The BWHS Print Service is a large format print group that specializes in the design and production of graphics and wall art. In addition to the Big Walnut school district market, the BWHS Print Service prints for all types of clients throughout the Sunbury area and has grown to become a trusted leader in the large format printing industry since it was founded.


At the BWHS Print Service, we are always looking for exciting ways to push our knowledge and learning forward to help bring your work into the spotlight. Out-of-the-box thinking has paved the road to amazing results with large wall wraps, beautiful large-scale prints and creative design.


Community Partnership

In addition to large format prints and embellishments, the BWHS Print Service works with many types of individuals, helping them bring their visions to fruition. From custom wall graphics to stunning fine art prints, nothing is outside of our vision.


Located in Big Walnut High School inside Sunbury, our program features the latest state-of-the-art equipment and materials, complemented by an outstanding crew. We are constantly researching new methods and materials to ensure that our clients have access to the highest-quality prints.

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