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Looking to make a personal statement? Then look no further because these Huge Heads are truly one of a kind. Create your very own "Huge Head" Graphic using your own photo! This high resolution image is printed on a rigid surface.




This unique image measures 22"x28"  (**can be smaller if needed) and is can be printed on Heavyweight paper or Double Weight Matte (poster quality, non-archival) which is a steady surface that wont fall over when raised in the air.

Looking for an upgrade? Have your very own Huge Head printed out on our signature Wall Mural Adhesive Vinyl for your very own Huge Head sticker. 

Enhanced Matte:


Image Suggestions :

  • We accept JPEG and PNG photo files.

  • Use an image 6MB or higher - The better the quality image you can send, the more clear your print out will be.

  • When taking your photo, limit the use of zoom and get as close to the subject as possible.

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